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  • How much does it cost to broadcast on KP TV or KP Radio
    The rate as of today is $40 per month (1 30 min show every week on KP TV) and $40 per month on KP Radio (1-1hr 60 min show every week.) We cannot guarentee advertised rates. Rates change as we add more platforms.
  • What equipment do I need to get started.
    A recording device of 720p quality or better to broadcast on KP TV (Most cell phones meet these requirements). To broadcast live on KP Radio you need a computer, (optional earbuds or headphones).
  • How do I get my videos to you.
    KP TV 1. Use this form to send us your Youtube Or Facebook link. 2. Videos must be received 48 hours before scheduled air time. 3. Videos must be no longer than 28:30 in length for 30 min sho and 9:30 for 10 min show 4. Edited videos must be in a Youtube or Facebook link KP Radio - All shows are live
  • Do you do the production or editing?
    No we do not do any editing.
  • Is there a contract.
    There is a broadcasting agreement. Each agreement is for one month. After initial agreement, partnership will automatically be converted to a month to month agreement unless otherwise stated. No increase will be implemented within initial agreement period. If you cancel and rejoin then the current rates at time of rejoining will apply.
  • What time slot will I recieve?
    You can check the KP TV "air times" page to see what is available. Once we fill 75 percent of available time slots we will add another channel with new time slots. All ministries will receive advance notice of new channels. For KP Radio air times click here.
  • Do you show the broadcast anywhere else other than online?
    We are currently only showing online. We are working on adding more platforms all the time. UPDATE: We will start streaming our network on Roku platform soon. UPDATE: We are live on Roku UPDATE: We are on Amazon Fire Tv UPDATE: We are streaming in our KP TV App UPDATE: We are live on Apple TV UPDATE: We are live on Cross TV
  • Can we have paid sponsors on our broadcast?
    Submit your sponsor application for approval. Approval will be given with 7 days of application. This is to ensure the integrity of KP TV and it's broadcasters
  • How many people do you reach?
    As of now we are raching thousands of people. When Roku is online we will have a 50 million household reach opportunity. We are growing everyday. UPDATE: We are averaging over a million views a month on KP TV UPDATE: We are averaging over 60,000 listeners a month on KP Radio
  • What if I want to cancel.
    Both parties can cancel broadcasting agreement with 30 days notice. Email
  • My question was not answered here, now what?"
    Please email or call us at 888-276-4425.
  • How do i sign up?
    Contact us and we will send you a broacast agreement and available time slots to get started.
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